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Mangalik, Karnataka.
As per my horoscope / chart/kundali I was born on MangalVar / Tuesday, am I Manglik person?

One word answer is "NO". You can be born on any day of the week and be a Manglik or not. It doesn't have to do anything with what day you were born.

But my mom says that "I'm Mangalik"?

With all my respect to your mom, "NO, you're not a Manglik person because you were born on Tuesday." If someone is telling you that than it's wrong.

Below is the 2nd inquiry about being born on Tuesday/MangalVar.

sm. Jullunder - dasji, sorry about it. my birth date. septeber 11 1979, time. 8.50 morning. jullunder punjab. please tell me im mangalik or not. smita.

As per your birth data above, NO. You're NOT a Manglik person. You're NOT a Manglik person by your Lagna chart or your Rashi/Moon chart.

Please convey my pranaams to your grandma and with all the respect tell her that you're not a "mangalik" person. And very respectfully ask her to stop you calling "mangali".

Though I have noticed one serious yoga in your kundali/horoscope which is "Kemdruma yoga". Please ask your parents whether they have performed any ceremony/vidhi about it or not. If not, contact your local /family panditji / astrologer or the one knowledgable and get the vidhi done.

Try to recite PanchMahaMantra
"Aum Namah Shivay" as much as you can. If you can, atleast 1 mala that is 108 times in the morning after bath with deep/diya and dhoop/agarbatti.

Also learn to control your self, don't be a short fused person. You know what I mean. It will save you from many unnecessary troubles.

But my Grandma calls me "Mangali"?

Please convey my pranaams to your grandma and with all the respect explain her that because you were born on Tuesday/MangalVar doesn't make you Mangali. You're not a "Mangalik" person. And very respectfully ask her to stop you calling "Mangali".

What is the Gemstone for Mangala-Mars-Kuja?

Gemstone for Angaraka Mangala - Mars - Kuja is Red Coral, also known as Munga. Wear in silver or gold ring as recommended by your vedic astrologer / panditji. It should be only worn after you get it Purified and Siddha it with Mangala Mantra Jaap. Contact your trustworthy local punditji / vedic astrologer for Mangala Mantra Jaap vidhi.

To whom it may concern,

I personally know Mr. Sam since last 7 years. He is always very helpful astrologically and spiritually.

Just talking to him on the phone is such a motivating and energizing experience.

I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs good astrological advice or spiritual help.

Whoever wants true advice should contact him today.

Thank you.
T. G. MA

Thank you so much Das. God bless you!

Just want you to know that his bypass surgery was successful. He is feeling great now.

It was really nice talking to you. In fact, you provided us with so much strength and confidence!

We're still doing the same mantra everyday.
S. P. LA

I'm a 100% intellectual person and never got involved in this type of event until last week when I talked to you.

It was really an amazing experience. After talking to you, I felt much energized and confident.

As per your advice, I have started wearing my ring and also started reciting the Mantra. In less than seven days I received some unexpected good news!

I'm a believer now. Thanks again.
C. D. NJ


I'm a man of few words.

And I don't know what to say now.

Whenever you come to India, you MUST stay at our home.

Hope to see you soon.

Thank you very much for all your help.
U. D. India

To whom it may concern,

I have personally known G. Das for the last 11 years.

Whenever I have a problem and I contact him, he is always very helpful with his guidance.

He is one of the best motivators!

It is really my honor to recommend him to everybody who needs astrological advice or spiritual help.

If you want to recharge your energy anytime just talk to him.

Thank you.
N. P. NewYork
What is Kala Sarp Yoga and Kemdruma Yoga?

KalSarp Yoga and Kemadruma Yoga are negative and destructive too.

Kala Sarp yoga occurs when all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu on any one side of axil. The pre-condition is, all the major planets must be on one side and not a single planet on the other side.

Kemdruma yoga occurs when there is no planet in previous or next house from the Moon. Technically, if there is no major planet in the 2nd house or 12th house from the Moon than it is Kemdruma yoga.
What is Shani Sadesati? Upayas - Remedies.

Shani Sade Sati occurs when Shani/Saturn transits in 12th, 1st and 2nd rashi from the ones own rashi (Chandra-Moon sign) it is called Shani Sade Sati. It lasts for 7 and half years so it is called Sade sati.

Upayas - Remedies
1. Wear a simple iron ring made from horse shoe on Saturday on your middle finger (Male right hand - Female left hand).

2. Do the Japa, Mantras, Strotras to reduce harmful effects of Shani Sadesati.
Click Here to download.

3. Observe Fast on Saturdays. Worship Lord Shani with kavacha, stotra and mantra. It is also beneficial to recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa. During fast consume milk, curd and fruit juice during day time and in the evening pay visit to the temple of Shri Hanumanji and ask for blessings.

4. If possible, to poor and old people donate urad (a type of pulse), oil, sapphire, black sesame seeds, black buffalo, iron, money and black clothes as per your financial situation.

5. In my opinion Shani behaves like a strict but loving and caring father. To get HIS blessings, you should serve and respact your parents and elderly people, serve and feed cow and help to lower class people any way you can. Thus he will forgive and even shower his blessings to you.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hindu matrimonial, Muslim matrimonial, Sikh matrimonial, Jain matrimonial, Parsi matrimonial, Gujarati matrimonials, Hindi matrimonials, Islamic matrimonials, Punjabi matrimonials, Sindhi matrimonials, Tamil matrimonials, Telugu matrimonials, Kannada matrimonials, Malayalam matrimonials, Marathi matrimonials, Bengali matrimonials, Oriya matrimonials, India matrimonial, USA matrimonial, Canada matrimonial, UK matrimonial, Pakistan matrimonial, Delhi matrimonial, Mumbai matrimonial, Kolkata matrimonial, Chennai matrimonial, Bangalore matrimonial, Pune matrimonial, Ahmedabad matrimonial, Hyderabad matrimonial, Chandigarh matrimonial, UK Matrimonial, UAE Matrimonial, Singapore Matrimonial, Buddhist Matrimonials, Bihari Matrimonials, Bengali Matrimonials, Kerala Matrimonials, Rajasthani Matrimonial, UP Matrimonial, or MP Matrimonial.
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Vedic Astrologer G Das is world renowned expert in Kundali Milap,
Horoscope Matching - Marriage Compatibility and has been helping people all around the
world. His clientelle has NO Boundaries of Race, Religion, Economic Status or Gender.

"Astrologically there are so many reasons for a successful marriage life or a
troublesome and destructive marriage and Manglik Dosha can be one of it!"
- G Das

Respected Dasji,

Thank you so much for your ever supporting guidance.
Words cant express my gratitude towards such a priceless advice.

After going through your mail I have started reciting the japa and
it works wonders to get a sense of calmness.

I will surely follow ur guidance reverant dasji.

Once again thank you so much for all that you have done for us.
Its nothing less of a gurus blessings on us. We seek your blessings.

Warm Regards,

Rash - Noida, UP

Respected Panditji,


Thanks a lot for the information and guidance. (Mangala dosha minimized.)

I really appreciate your kind help and it has put my anxiety to rest.

Will incorporate your advise in my life.


Respected Sir,

I wish you are at best of your health.

I am sincerely oblidged to you for your response. Many thanks.
I am satisfied with your answers and will follow your advice
(for Mangala Dosha) to have a happy family life.

I will share your advice with (her) so that by God's grace
and your wishes both of us can enjoy a happy married life.

I am highly grateful to you for your kind advice
and precious time in guiding us.

Warm regards,
A J - New Delhi

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Pandit Das Ji,

You are truely great. I appreciate you with all my heart.

Thank you for every advice, blessing and
please forgive my language in last e-mail (describing the problem).

Thank you again,


Dear Pandit Das,

Thank you so much for your positive reply. (Mangala Dosha)

You have eased our uneccessary tensions.

I am very happy to tell my parents now that our
kundali matches and also we will follow your advise and
do the necessary Mangala Shanti pooja as well.

Thanks again and I really appreciate your kindess
from the bottom of my heart : )

NG - Singapore


Thank you so much for ur help and advices.

I really wanted someone to show me the way..some way:)

Thank you so much.
I will surely keep u posted with what ever I do in future.

Thank you so much once again.

NR - Bombay, India

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Hello Das ji,

Thank you a lot for your detailed explanation of the things.
You have given me so much happiness by showing us a silver line.
When I thought all the doors have closed, your comforting words
and the upays you have given me have really cheered me up.

Thanks a lot for everything Das ji.

I will follow the things you have suggested and
I wish all those people out there who are facing the same
situation(Mangala Dosha) get some relief with
your suggestions and comforting words.


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E n j o y Peace of Mind.

Respected Panditjee,

Thanks for giving us your valuable opinion.(Not Manglik)

You have minimize my tension.

Thanks again.

Dr. Rajesh - U.P.

 Mangal Dosha, Manglik Dosha, Mangalik Dosha, Bhom Dosha, Kuja Dosha.

Are any of these happening to you?

   Mangal Dosh Delay, Delay, Delay, Delay & Delay?
   Mangal Dosh No Long-lasting Relationships?
   Mangala Dosh Can't settle down with one person?
   Mangal Dosha Constant Ups and Downs in Love/Marriage Life?
   Mangala Dosha Constant Stress or Frustration between you and        partner?
   Mangalik Dosh Unnecessary arguments and fights over small        things?
   Manglik Dosh Unnecessary Blames without any of your fault?
   Mangalik Dosha Frequent break-ups or a number of divorces?

    Mangal Dosha - Manglik Dosha

"A Good Astrologer can predict the path of your life.
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G. Das

Do you think you deserve True Advice & Answers? 
hello sir,

i dont know how to say thank u to u.

I am not very good with words but only thing i can say is you have given me the ray of hope.....when i had lost all hopes of being happy. I will do all what u have suggested....

I really belive what u say as in
mangala has affected my happiness....
and it has done so from my early childhood.

its really hard to belive
that people like u exist in todays world.

sir plz let your blessing be with both of us.
we really need it.

thank u so much sir.

MK - Mumbai

Respected panditji,


Hope my mail meets you in the best of health and spirits....

Thank you so much for your advise panditji....
I will surely abide by what you say.....

Panditji...i am so glad that there are people like you
who are there to help the distressed..even without a relation....

panditji with the grace of god and your blessings (he) has got a job....
i am really happy and so is he....

i thank you from the bottom of my heart...for everything....

Please..bless me and the world like you have always blessed before....

You are indeed a true human being.....



K P - Bombay


Thank you very much for your comforting emails.
Its restored a lot of confidence in me and
my relationship.

I don't know much about you, but still you talk and advise me as you would to your best friend.
I'll do the (Manglik Dosha)Puja before marriage.

And will let you know when i am getting married.

Yeah..... Thanking you once again...for you time and patience.

Best Regards,

Respected dasji,

thank u very much for clarifiying about
my manglik dosha.

SM - Jullunder, Punjab

Thanks a lot for your.... i am very happy to know that i also have this dosha(both Manglik). we will inform to the girls parents and will go ahead with our proposal.... once again
i am very much thankful to you.

SB. Andhra Pradesh


Thank you for clearing it up.
I show my mom the (Manglik Dosha) report and explained her everything to.

She is very happy to know that I'm not Manglik.

(Now Not)Manglik. Karnataka

Thank you Pandit Das.

You have been very kind in giving such
a detailed (Manglik Dosha) report. I appreciate it sincerely.




thanks for helping me and giving ur precious advice.(Manglik Dosha)

i follow ur advice.

and again thank u.

Aggarwal. New Delhi

Respected Sir,

I first like to thank you for your immediate response.
I honestly did not think you would respond,
but I thank heaven that you did.

JS. AP. India

What is Manglik dosha (Mangal Dosha or Manglik Dosh), Kuja Dosham, Bhom Dosha, Angaraka Dosha?

(C) 2004 Author: G Das -

*Please note that discussion/description shown below applies to only Vedic Horoscope / Chart / Kundali and NOT to Western horoscopes.

Manglik dosha occurs when Mangal-Bhom-Kuja-Mars is situated in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th bhava/sthan/house of a kundali, vedic horoscope or lunar chart. It is also known as Mangal Dosha, Manglik dosha, Kuja Dosha, Bhom Dosha, Angaraka Dosha or Manglik Dosh. Some astrologers don't consider 2nd house/bhava for Mangal Dosha but as per my experience I know it gives the same effects. You must check your Lagna/Ascendent and also your Chandra/Moon Rashi chart. One can be Manglik by Lagna chart or by Moon chart or by both.Please see the image below.

Mangala Dosha

Mangalik Dosh

There are also some exceptions in Mangala Dosha.
If Mangal/Mars or Shani/Saturn is placed in any of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses of your partner then it will nullified your chart's Mars/Mangal Dosha and will make the pair acceptable. Also if it (Mangal/Mars) occupies the sign of it's debilitation (Karka) or occupies the sign of it's enemy (Mithun/Gemini or Kanya/Virgo) or occupies the sign Mesha/Aries and it is in the first house or occupies the sign Vrushchik/Scorpio and it is in the fourth house or occupies the sign Makar/Capricorn and it is in the seventh house or occupies the sign Simha/Leo and it is in the eighth house or occupies the sign Dhanu/Sagitarious and it is in the twelfth house and when it is aspected by Venus.

I have compared over 1500 horoscopes since April 2006 alone and provided advise to my clientelles. Most of them are members of online Match-Making websites like,,, etc.

can have powerful negative and positive effects depending on it's placement, aspect-drashti, bala, positions of other planets etc. In my observations I have found many surgeons and doctors with Manglik dosha. Mangal-Mars is a fierceful planet with tremendous energy and so does the Manglik person. If they can utilize this source of energy in the right directions, a more positive and constructive way, they can be very successful and influential. Also, because of this energy and fire, some Manglik people may behave like rebels.

Advice #1: Please keep in mind that a Manglik Dosha person has the maximum possibility to get attracted to the wrong person because of this placement. I always advise my Manglik clientelles to take it easy, be careful and not to rush into marriage. The best advice is to always try to match your horoscopes before getting into a serious relationship.

Mangala Dosha affects:

Mangala Dosha affects the married life of a person in many ways - it creates delays, cheatings, hurdles and obstacles in getting married. After marriage, one or both the partners may experience physical, mental or financial hardship. It causes mutual disputes, allegations and counter allegations and may even lead to disintegration of marriage. If Dosha is pronounced, one of the partners may remain ill or there may be untimely death of either one or both the partners.

In spite of all this, one should not be scared of Mangala Dosha. Efforts should be made for the person having Mangala dosha to marry another person with Mangala dosha. This kind of marriage causes both Mangala doshas to be nullified ("Dosha Samyam") and maximizes the couple's chances to lead a happy married life.

What to do? When Mangalik Dosha is nullified? In the horoscope of BOTH the bride and the groom, if Mars is placed in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house from the Lagna then due to equality, Mangala dosha is nullified. One attains mutual happiness, wealth, children, health and friends. This is also called "Dosha Samyam" meaning Manglik Dosha will have no effect. If a girl having Mangala dosha is married to a boy with Mangala dosha, the dosha is cancelled and there will be mutual happiness.

Let us look at one of the great example. Below is the kundali-chart of the World Renowned (1 of the few) Woman Prime Minister Late Smt. Indira Gandhiji.

Check the Mangala positions in Lagna chart and Moon Chart below. In Lagna, Mangala is in the second house ie. Dhana/Prosperity Bhava/House. She was born in the home of one of the richest person in the world, Late Shri Jawaharlal Nehru (First Prime Minister of India).She was a rebel. She married the person she loved. Husband died earlier. She was one of the most energetic Prime Minister in the world. I had read that she was hardly sleeping 4 to 6 hours a night. Rest of the time she worked constantly.

Here is my second advice: a person with Mangala in 7th or 8th house should "always" marry a person with Mangala in the SAME house. 7th and 8th house Mangala are considered STRONG Mangala Dosha.

Now look at Moon chart below and you will see Mangala/Mars in the 8th house. 8th house is the house of death. It also suggests accidents, injury, bloody death, surgeries etc.

World Famous Mangala Dosha Chart

How to match Manglik kundalis or Manglik Horoscopes?
One should contact their family astrologer first. If you don't have a family panditji or maharaj or if you feel the one you have is not reliable, you should make sure to contact an astrologer whom you can trust. Trust implies you should know that he/she is not someone greedy whose aim is to make as much money off you. In my opinion, there are many good and sincere astrologers available. As in any other business, there are always a few crooks around, however most of the astrologers are good.

What to do - Upayas:
The Mantra given in the Purana is:
World Famous Mangla Mantra from

Here is Mangala Gayatri Mantra:
World Famous Mangla Gayatri
 Mantra - Om Veeradwajaya Vidmahe Vighna Hasthaya Dheemahi. Thanno Bhauma

Here is Mangala Cryptic Mantra:
Mangla Cryptic Mantra - Om Kram Krim Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namah

Here is Mangala General Mantra :

Mangla General Mantra - Om Am Angarkaya Namah

Any one of the above given mantras can be chanted for a fixed number with concentration. Total number of chanting of this mantra = 10,000 times starting at 8:00 clock in the morning. In Kaliyuga it's been recommended to double the amount of all mantras so I will suggest to do it 20,000 times. My best advice is to get help of a learned pandit, brahmin or the astrologer preferably from your local community. Write down Shri Mangala Chandika Stotram from image below or download picture of it.

Meanwhile if you're feeling pressure or stress please use Shri Mangala Chandika Stotram. It's the best remedy. If possible recite it every morning and evening, especially on Tuesday(MangalVar) after bath(snan), it's best to do one full mala, ie. 108 times of Shri Mangala Chandika Stotram.

Mangal Chandika Stotram for Mangalik dosha

Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosh? Manglik Match?
Mangal Chandika Stotram is good for Mangalik Couple
Get your Horoscope/Partner Compatibility Report before it's too late.

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